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Bravenewbook is a social media website that gives its users similar functionality as Facebook, but without the censorship. Facebook is acting like a ministry of truth, pretending to battle fake news but in reality it gains control on the perception of its users by censoring what they do not want people to see. Facebook is using its data for big data analyses so it can use AI to influence people’s perception of the world. This big data is used by datacentres like Palantir to produce real time predictive models of individuals and groups. Bravenewbook doesn’t. It doesn’t sell its data, it doesn’t analyse its data and it hosts the website on its own servers.

Bravenewbook is there to give you a free space for social networking. We don’t want the Aldous Huxley Brave New World to be implemented. We don’t want George Orwell’s ministry of truth. We stand for freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

You can use this website on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, pc or mac. You may have become attached to Facebook functionality, but remember: it’s all about control and steering your perception. Do you want to give away your power? Don’t give away your power. Say ‘no’ to mind control. Say ‘yes’ to freedom of thought and say ‘yes’ to freedom of speech!

Bravenewbook gives you about the same functionality. Try to get used to the new look and feel and keep in mind that you should not want big companies using big data to play on your perception. If you are addicted to Facebook, get rid of it. Stay away from the big companies that analyse your data to predict your behaviour. Get on board with Bravenewbook and invite your friends.


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Bring us ten subscribers among your friends and apply for winning a Mac book pro 8. The winner will be picked from every thousandth successful participant. Just press the above buttons and the app will keep track of your results.

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